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Simplicity: Necklace

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Simplicity: Necklace

Beaded Glass Necklace
This set includes:
Approx. 20" beaded necklace

This inspired beaded jewelry necklace is made of glass beads and has a painted pendant as the centerpiece. This jewelry is lightweight, but the quality of the glass beads on this necklace is very good. Please check out our other beaded jewelry items as a lot of our beaded jewelry will complement each other well. Ideal for those who loves to mix and match bracelets, necklaces and other beaded jewelries.

This beaded necklace jewelry is perfect for those that desires a more down to earth look without sacrificing fashion sense. Please check out our Flaire beaded bracelet line to find bracelets that would mix with this item well.

Although inspired creations, these are original sunpebbles designs that you should not find anywhere else.