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Deadly Creatures Series Jewelry Set

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Deadly Creatures Series Jewelry Set

1 Bracelet and 1 Necklace set
Approx. 7" Bracelet excluding links
Approx. 15" necklace

This set is inspired by the "jellyfish", one of nature's most attractive yet deadly creatures.

The main attraction is the glass crystal pendant and charm. Beautifully colored this transparent glass represents the jellyfish's body. The beads tappers towards the end representing the deadly but beautiful sting of the jellyfish's tentacles. Other elements are designed after the beauty of this magnificent beast as well.

The overall look is designed to play with light and colors. Like the actual creature, this bracelet and necklace set has an innocent playful beauty to it, yet serious at the same time.

A true work of art, we have captured the essence of the magnificence of the jellyfish into this wonderful jewelry.

This is our original design and the first of the series we call "Deadly Creatures".

The colour combination will guarantee to make you stand out from the rest.