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Gaia - Matinee Beaded Stone Necklace

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Gaia - Matinee Beaded Stone Necklace

1 Necklace "Gaia" Matinee necklace
Approx. 23" necklace excluding links

This beaded jewelry necklace is inspired by Gaia - the mythological goddess of the earth. Many depicts her to be adorned in green; thus this beautiful beaded jewelry necklace is made with materials such as natural stone beads to represent the goddess. The beaded necklace's pendant is a roughly finished green stone that represents the raw nature of the earth. The green and brown stone beads represents earth and its bounty. This beaded jewelry is a necklace that has a very solid feel(much heavier than glass necklaces) but is not overbearingly heavy to wear.

This beaded jewelry necklace design is very limited, with less than five(5) ever created.

Although inspired creations, our necklaces and bracelet jewelry are original SunPebbles designs that you should not find anywhere else. This particular set is one of the few limited designs we will be producing just for you!