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Beaded Necklace

Our beaded jewelry necklaces are original designs. The Solaire beaded jewelry necklace line makes heavy use of materials such as glass beads, natural stones, pearl beads and others. This makes our beaded jewelry necklaces feel solid and heavy when compared to other beaded jewelry necklaces made of lesser materials. The Solaire line of beaded jewelry from Sunpebbles are inspired beaded jewelry collections made from mostly stone beads, glass beads and other quality beaded materials. Each of these beaded jewelry designs are individually hand-crafted art collections. sunpebbles
beaded jewelry

Gaia - Matinee Beaded Stone Necklace sold

USD $56.29
1 Necklace "Gaia" Matinee necklace Approx. 23" necklace excluding links This beaded jewelry necklace is inspired by Gaia - the mythological goddess of the earth. Many depicts her to be adorned in green;…
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glass bead necklace

Crystal Rain Necklace sold

USD $10.68
1 Bracelet Approx. 7" Bracelet including links This beaded jewelry necklace has beautiful glass beads with aquamarine-colored crystals. The reflective quality of this beaded necklace jewelry will surely…
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