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Jewelry made of shells

Sat, 03 Jul 2010 16:21:06 +0800
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Shell jewelry are possibly one of the oldest type of jewelry. Jewelry made of shells are very beautiful and each peice really shows individuality and uniqueness. These amazing and lovely pieces of jewelry really makes a fashion statement especially in the modern world. In early times,shell was one of the first jewelry crafted, yet today, these jewelry are still quite popular. No doubt, there is no question why this is so. The attractive nature of these jewelry, affordability, and uniqueness makes it a must have in any jewelry collector's box.

Another nice thing about shell jewelry is the fact that they are easy to make. Combining them with metals, stones, and specially pearls makes unique design ideas that can really stand out.

Like most jewelries, care must still be taken when maintaining and wearing these jewelries. Shell has a lot of calcium content, and that being said, you should always keep them from things that are acidic. They also are very brittle, so it is wise to be very careful with these too. Fortunately, a damaged shell bead does not make a damaged jewelry. If you know a thing or two about beading jewelry, severely cracked jewelry beads can be easily replaced making your favorite shell jewelry brand new.