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Quartz's many colors

Sat, 05 Jun 2010 08:23:53 +0800
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Not just white

When we talk about crystals, one of the first things we think of are quartz crystals. And for good reason! Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on this earth. Aside from supernatural properties surrounding quartz crystals, these earth blessings have other important properties as well. It is able to generate electricity when depressed, and more importantly, in our case, quartz will make any beaded jewelry project look more fancy! I hear you saying "yeah right! fancy?", but before you conclude this sentence with an LOL, let me remind you that quartz comes in many colors! When we think of quartz crystals, we often imagine clear quartz, which is beautiful in itself, but we often forget that quartz comes in a bunch of different colors too! And guess what? These color variations have names! Check em out, you might be surprised!

Smokey Quartz

When we say smokey quartz, we are not talking about a recipes that involves a fresh water game fish, we are actually taling about a quartz color variation that has a shade of dark. These quartz can vary from mildly gray to almost opaque black. These quartz crystals are less popular, and often not seen as much as their clear brethren but some of these gems are spectacular!

Milky Quartz

These types of quartz crystals are quite common. They can be found just about any part of the world. They are simply quartz that are milky(hence the name) due to impurities trapped in its crystalline structures over millions of years! Not too attractive if you ask me.

The Pink Jade (or rose quartz)

Often touted as pink jade, these are actually pink colored quartz crystals and have nothing to do with jade! That's right girls, pink jade are actually colored quartz crystals! Never the less, these rocks rock! They are very beautiful and pleasing to the eye, and I can not imagine anyone who is into the hobby of bead jewelry never working with these beauties at one point in their lives. Our mystic aunts will tell us that these are perfect for improving your love life! Single ladies will benefit the most from these gems. If you are looking for prince charming, then wearing these gems might just do the trick! It haven't happen to me recently but lets keep trying right?


These things are quite expensive for a quartz crystal. I guess its because it involves a lot of extra work done. Don't you know that most of the citrine we can buy from the store actually heated quartz to make them have a yellowish tint? Never the less, these are still cheaper than some of the fine yellow topaz and they look exactly just the same. So in my book, if you are going for a budget jewelry with a topaz look, citrine may fit the bill!


During ancient times these used to be very expensive. Now a days, amethyst can be bought very cheap when compared to other stones. But their beauty still stands out, expensive stone or not. This is actually one of my favorite quartz color variation mainly because violet is my color of choice.