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Top 5 best movie gemstones ever!

Wed, 26 May 2010 05:37:08 +0800
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Everybody loves movies. And everybody loves jewelries! Today, I want to rank some of the top gemstones that have graced the big screen. You would not believe what gets our top spot!

5 - Heart of The Ocean from Titanic

We give props to James Cameron for this wonderfully created prop. The popular heart shaped sapphire takes a fith place. Since the release of the movie Titanic, countless of replica has been made by countless jewelers. What seems so rare and eventually lost (or more appropriately thrown into the ocean) in the film is actually now a common jewelry design given by rich men to their beautiful ladies all over the world.

4 - El Corazon from Romancing the Stone

El Corazon is also know as "The Heart", is the main character of the Michael Douglas movie Romancing the Stone. It takes a fourth place because frankly, who dosen't love oversize and impossibly large heart-shaped emeralds? The stone is the center of the movie and all the mischief, romance and action revolves around this impossibly large heart-shaped emerald.

3 - The Rare Pink Diamond from Blood Diamond

While the movie itself made waves by educating the public of the hazards of mining diamonds in Africa, the pink diamond in the movie is actually a large uncut diamond that will be reduced to a fraction of its size once a jeweler gets his hands on it. Never the less, the size is still impressive, and what is more impressive than the sheer size is the fact that the movie was able to educate the public on how diamonds really look like when freshly mind. Sadly, even today too many people think that diamonds are all cut polished coming out of the mines.

2 - The Pink Panther from The Pink Panther

Out second place spot goes to the Pink Panther. It is another impossibly large precious gem, and another pink diamond. This takes number two spot over the Blood Diamond because it is bigger, and it looks better (because it has been cut). The movie also educated the masses that Diamonds are not indestructible as implied by it being able to be destroyed or shattered. Diamonds, although the hardest thing that comes from our earth, shatters very easily and are very brittle. If there is anything to be learned from this comedy, it is to take care of your diamonds as it will break if abused!

1 - Sankara Stone from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

All the stones we have ranked so far may have sentimental value, historical value, or just plain valuable. The fictional Sankara Stone is something special because it has unimaginable super natural powers as well - it promises fortune and glory. Because of this unfair advantage, and the fact that it is purely fictional (and I hope it is), we give this stone the number one spot of all movie gemstones ever!