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Amber Jewelry : Caring and maintaining

Wed, 26 May 2010 04:13:38 +0800
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amber jewelryAmber jewelry is one of the most beautiful jewelry you could get. It is lightweight, has a distinctive look, and very easy to work with. Amber is one of the oldest ornaments appreciated by man too. Natural forming amber is made of fossilized resin, or, in layman's terms, very old tree sap. Because of this, we know that extra care should be done in maintaining our precious amber jewelries. Anything made of organic materials require special care because they can be very susceptible to the elements.

Amber dosen't like heat

It is true. Being of fossilized resin composition, amber will not like too much heat applied to it. Steam, boiling water, and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will surely cause your amber to degrade if not ruined completely. Do not leave your amber on top of appliances that gets hot like stoves, microwave ovens, or even on top of TV sets. If you are going into a sauna, better take then off as well. This includes rings and earnings! Also, when you are going to travel a hot steamy desert like Indiana Jones, better leave your amber jewelry behind just in case!

Amber dosen't like chems

For millions of years, your amber thrived in only what mother earth and father time offered. All of a sudden it is brought into the modern world and it gets exposed to too much modern stuff we call chemicals. The clean living amber will surely not get along with things such as alcohol, perfumes, hair sprays, soaps and detergents! Anything with a weird chemical composition such as computer cleaners and tooth paste should be kept away from your amber like a plague, because, in many cases, this is exactly how it will affect your amber jewelry - like a plague! Symptoms of amber exposed to too much chemicals are a dull color, some mild to sever discoloration and whitish coating. In a lot of cases, exposure to chemicals can be fatal for the gem.

Amber is brittle and soft

So do not bang them. Keep it far from jewelries and other gemstones too when keeping them in your jewelry box. Amber gets scratched easily and would not put too much of a fight. It can also break under pressure so do not drop it or drop something heavy on it, or place something heavy on top of it as it may chip, or in worst case scenario, shatter into thousands of tiny pieces.

Amber likes a good oil rub

You will know when it is time to clean your amber when it is dirty and full of smudges. Do not use soap and water to clean the little thing (remember amber is intolerant to chems?). Instead, moisten the tip of a lint free cloth with olive oil, yes you heard me right, olive oil! Polish it but ever so lightly until all the dirt is gone and the luster and shine returns. Do not over do the rubbing though!