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beaded jewelry : blue mana

Tue, 25 May 2010 20:18:02 +0800
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I created a very nice beaded jewelry made of different shades of earth colored jasper, and laced with turquoise beads. A necklace and a bracelet. What inspired me to create this masterpiece, is actually looking at pictures of dessert dunes, and how the mocha colored sand blended with the blue sky perfectly. The scene itself is a wonder to behold, and I am happy just to get a glimpse of this scenic beauty embodied in my jewelry. Inspiration is such a wonderful thing, in our hobby and in life!

When creating this jewelry, I wanted to capture the desert scene the best I could. I looked at the different elements, the sky, the sand and even the shadows. Yes, including the shadows that defines the dunes must be present in my beaded jewelry somehow. For the sky, turquoise was used. It represents the sky well, and it gives my jewelry more color to what otherwise be a plain dessert.

The sand is a no brainer, as brown jasper matches the colors perfectly. But the shadows, it required a lot of thought. There are beads that are too dark, we wont want something close to an abyss in this pastel beauty I am trying to create. Instead, grayish jasper worked well, in fact it matched the colors perfectly.

I was quite surprised by how close I came in creating the perfect homage to nature. I will be the first to agree that my jewelry creation pales in comparison to the inspiration, but the mere fact that the results looked spectacular even for me, puts a smile on my face every time I look at it.

You would say I am really proud of this one. So, from the desert (picture), comes this blessing of a beaded jewelry set, and rightfully, I named it the Blue Mana. Because all blessings comes from someplace higher than the ground we walk on.

The inspiration

The bracelet

And the necklace