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Mother of Pearl (MOP) Shell Jewelry

Mon, 24 May 2010 06:15:46 +0800
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Mother of Pearl Jewelries or MOP Shell jewelries are some of the most beautiful jewelries around. Mop shells can often be used as the center piece of exquisite beaded jewelry projects. These MOP shells are surprisingly very strong and resilient despite it looking fragile. Sometimes, bead makers will laminate them to give it additional strength and work-ability. The beauty of MOP shells can be described as similar to the beauty of pearls, it has many of the same properties of pearls that we have grown to adore.

mop shell necklaceMOP shells come from mollusks, the iridescence of these wonderful things comes from the same source as what give pearls its own - the narcerous layer produced by mollusk. When worn, they have a good weight giving the impression of quality but they are not too heavy to bog the wearer down. Sometimes, when left outside in a cold environment, these can get quite a bit cold, but it warms up quickly when worn or when rubbed between the hands.

Most beads used in our jewelries will benefit a lot from MOP sells. They go well with a lot of color combination, a lot of jewelries, and they are easy to work with. MOP shells will always look expensive and unique.

Cleaning MOP shells is very straightforward. Water or salt and water baths often does the trick. Soapy water is also good when cleaning these things. Be sure to keep it away from things acidic as is composed of high calcium content. Unless it it laminated, you better best avoid it getting in touch with acidic liquids such as vinegar and lime juice.

They also scratch easily, so keep them away from your harder stones such as your quartz, amethysts, and diamonds. Other than this, MOP shells often lasts a long time and it will give you a lot of pleasure in many many years.