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Beaded Jewelry Recycling

Fri, 21 May 2010 14:35:15 +0800
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Tired of your old beaded jewelry? You want a new Bracelet? No problem at all. If you have a recycling for old, rarely used, or otherwise unspectacular beaded jewelries, you bring life back to these beaded jewelry by stripping the stones and making new masterpieces from old your beaded jewelry.

Look into your jewelry box and get the beaded jewelry you lest often use. Maybe they are rarely used because you feel the design does not suite your needs? Maybe you just don't like how they look? If thats the case, it is time for them to be placed in the jewelry recycling bin and made use of beads that otherwise won't see much action!

beaded jewelryAfter compiling all the old jewelries that are out of commission for some time, if you are like me, you will find that you have collected quite a lot. Stripp out the beads and separate the stones and categorize them in separate containers.

Now, you hopefully have enough raw materials to be able to start beading new jewelry items!

Recycling is not only cost effective but it also clears your jewelry box from clutter and best of all, you get something new out from something old.