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Beaded Jewelry Making As Meditation

Thu, 20 May 2010 00:54:03 +0800
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Beaded jewelry making is a sometimes relaxing hobby. But you can make it even more so, in fact it is not only artistically rewarding but it can be almost spiritually rewarding as well! In years of enjoying beading beaded jewelry, I had learn a few tricks that will really let the day's stress go away.

One way to do this is to bead at your garden. That's right! Nothing speaks the language of tranquility better than nature! Go to your garden or a peaceful a park and bead there. Clear your mind, relax your body and start beading. You can even repeat an affirmation or a mantra as you bead your works of art. When you are finished, you might be surpirsed that the work you have done!

When you think of it, beading jewelry as a form of meditation is not far from using the rosary, or prayer beads. The actual process itself is very similar and the results just as satisfying. So the next time you are contemplating betweed beading and meditation, why not do both?