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When your beaded jewelry design luck runs out...

Wed, 28 Apr 2010 22:45:27 +0800
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Designing handmade beaded jewelry is not always a smooth ride that is for sure! When your luck runs out you should try some new tricks (or old ones that you haven't done for a while).The most common reason why we get into a stump, or what I would like to call a beaded jewelry designer's writers block is because we run out of creative ideas. Here are some suggestions on how to revitalize your creativity.

  • Look around you for inspiration and design ideas
  • Randomly mix and match colors and see what works
  • You can also check out your older handmade jewelries that you made for inspiration
  • In fact you might want to refresh your old designs as well
  • Getting inspiration from other people's work can be helpful
  • Try to do something drastically different from what you are accustomed doing
  • Lastly, look around the internet and you might get some inspiration there!

So there you have it! Some ways to get your luck back when you are in a creative dry spell!