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Caring for your colored quartz beaded jewelry

Sun, 25 Apr 2010 17:05:51 +0800
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Caring for your colored quartz beaded jewelry crystals is not much different from caring for your crystal quartz jewelry, with the exception of a few precautions you have to take care off. Firstly, what are these colored quartz crystals? Colored quartz crystals are amethysts, citrins and rose quarts. Basically quartz that have color! More specifically, as a rule, any colored crystal, which are not only limited to quartz, must not be exposed to strong sunlight for a long period of? time to prevent color fading. This goes true with almost any colored crystals out there including rubies, peridots, and sapphires.

Find the right home

Amethysts, citrins and the rest of the crystals belonging to the quartz family are very hard stones and will scratch your rubies, ivory, lapis lazuli, pearls and pretty much just about any jewelry stone it gets in contact with. Because these crystals are potentially bullies, we recommend a compartmentalized jewelry box that can keep your beaded jewelry made of softer gemstones away from your colored quartz crystals. Scratches are particularly damaging to pearls, so always have this in mind.

Keep them away from light

Unlike your clear quartz, colored quartz crystal beaded jewelry such as amethysts and rose quartz get damaged when exposed to sun light. An opaque jewelry box is an ideal purchase to prevent these crystals from being exposed to sunlight.

Wash it with water

Cleaning your colored quartz is simple. Giving it salt baths works for many but I prefer just rinsing it on running water will often do the trick. Never use abrasives to clean your any of your crystals - such as your scotch brite. Also, do not use glass cleaners, rubbing compounds, and scratch removers to polish your quartz jewelry as they may contain chemicals that are harmful to your crystals.

Quartz crystals in general are low maintenance beaded jewelry gems. To know more on how to care for the spiritual properties of your clear quartz, read the article on cleansing and charging your clear-quartz jewelry.