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Caring for your clear quartz jewelry

Thu, 22 Apr 2010 18:21:12 +0800
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Quartz crystals are a favorite crystal for making beaded jewelry. It is understandably so as clear quartz stones are relatively cheap, they are very beautiful, are quite durable and are also associated with many healing properties. Quartz are also a very hard stones that does not scratch as easily as most stones used in jewelry beading. There are very few things that you can do to really damage your clear quartz jewelry. There are a few special requirements in caring for your quartz and we will discuss them in this article.

quartzStorage - I'll scratch your back..

Quartz is a hard stone and will scratch your jade, ivory, lapis lazuli, turquoise, pearls and pretty much most of the beaded jewelry stones we use. This is something that you should always remember in storing your quartz crystals. Having a good jewelry box with lots of compartments to keep your quartz separated from your softer gemstones is something that is essential for the beaded jewelry owner.

Keep the (sun) light down

Clear quartz, is often more resistant to sun damage when compared to it's colored cousins - such as amethysts and rose quartz. In fact, some people even bring out their clear quartz under the sun once in a while to recharge it's energies (amethysts and colored variants should never be exposed to the sun however) . We should, however, still take care not to expose our clear quartz to sunlight for too long to avoid possible discoloration. An opaque jewelry box is not needed if you will only keep clear quartz, as long as you keep them indoors and away from prolonged direct exposure to sunlight.

Give it a bath

Cleaning quartz is very easy. Some people suggest giving it salt baths but personally, just rinsing it on running water will often do the trick. Never use abrasives to clean your crystals - scotch brite and the likes. Also, do not use glass cleaners, rubbing compounds, and scratch removers to polish your quartz jewelry as they may contain chemicals that are harmful to your crystals.

Clear quartz are one of the easiest beaded jewelry gems to care for and it will last you a long long time as long as long as you follow the advice I just gave you. To know more on how to care for the spiritual properties of your clear quartz, read the article on cleansing and charging your clear-quartz jewelry.