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The Steampunk Artistic Movement

Tue, 20 Apr 2010 10:13:58 +0800
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The history of art has always been a history or artistic rebellion against the prevalant artistic expression. In the past, many arts movement has gone back to the basics, in a sense going against the current artistic trend. The Neoclassical movement (circa 18th-19th century) was, to summarize, was a movement of resurrecting an older (classical) style of the arts into the current era. They would add a new characteristics here and there to make the artistic style unique to itself. The same goes with Art Nouveu, but it takes it to an extreme that it takes inspiration from a time before man took charge in designing things - that is, it took inspiration in nature. Fast forward to the 80's to the present, we have the Steampunk Movement. Steam-punk is a design style that rebels against the prevalent "modern" design trends by bringing back the spirit of the Industrial Revolution's biggest icon (steam engines) back to the public consciousness. Curiously, jewelry can be designed with all three styles mentioned above.

Most of the steampunk-designed common day objects are computer hardware. Because computers and computer components such as keyboards and monitors are easy to modify, prevalent, affordable and instantly recognizable, many steampunk designers use these objects as the choice canvas of their artistic expressions.These items are usually designed to look like they are pulled out from a distant past when steam still powered the world as opposed to Lithium-Ions of today. Most of the steampunk designs are made with copper or brass tubing, metal plates, pressure valves, watch movements, temperature gauges and gears that usually serve no purpose other than aesthetics. Some even use gold plated metals for the more elaborate projects. These designs often look very different from the prevalent gray, streamlined designs that is the status quo in today's industrial designs. Steampunk designed objects are often striking and are definitely eye catching.

Steampunk designs are not limited to computer hardware alone, intact there are jewelry lines, clothing, and even things such as guitars are designed with steampunk in mind. We have to look no further than google and etsy to find some fine examples of steampunk designs. Here are a few of the steampunk designs that qoogle images quickly displayed.


This guitar just screams steampunk does it?

steampunk guitar


This clock is an example of steam punk that is practical and beautiful.

steam punk clock


Watch movements can be created into beautiful cuff links.

steampunk cuff-links


This is a nice dragonfly neclace also made of a watch movement.

steampunk necklace