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Working on a new Beaded Jewelry Logo

Tue, 20 Apr 2010 09:01:26 +0800
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We are working on a new logo for our handmade beaded jewelry website. The actual logo will end up being used in a couple of months after we have redesigned most of our beaded jewelry website. As designers as well, me and my web designer (pretty much our technology partner and a personal friend) works pretty well together. We started working on a few concepts, mostly from our old logo. There are some wonderful 3D renderings that looks pretty awesome but nothing is finalized yet. I want to have the colors retained (unless I am convinced otherwise). I want a lot going on for the top page, maybe some iconic stones (pearls, jades, carnelians and the likes) here and there, and possibly a few beaded jewelry gems that are quite rare such as one of those steampunk inspired jewelry or even some orgon generator beads joining the mix. I also strongly want to carry over the playful nature of the current logo into the new one. Check back often and I just might post some of the initial designs. With the wedding coming up, and now this new logo design, there is just too much going on to keep us excited for quite a while! Check back often for more updates please!