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Weddings weekends and jewelry

Mon, 19 Apr 2010 06:50:02 +0800
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This weekend, it was a blast! My sister is getting married next month and we are thinking a lot of creative things to do for the wedding. As the family beaded jewelry fanatic (each family should have one I strongly believe), I am naturally in charge of the beaded jewelry she will be wearing. For superstitious reasons (family superstitions which we have many, are now a days treated as tradition), pearls are definitely out. Her theme color for the wedding is blue, so I am leaning towards beautiful turquoise jewelry made specifically for her. We discussed the design and she is really leaning towards an un-orthodox matinee necklace. I am pretty impressed on her concepts so far. We haven't finalized on the actual design yet, but she is really excited in building up the jewelry set to match a lovely gown she is having made. I am quite excited for the event as well. Tomorrow, we will be going around the malls to gather some ideas for the wedding.

Turquoise is a good stone that you just can't go wrong with. It has a regal beauty that even some of the most expensive precious stones will have a hard time to match. It is also a stone that denotes wisdom, sophistication and elegance. I think turquoise fits her personality very well, her wedding theme and, in a sense, the occasion.