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Tiger's Eye Stone's Mystical Properties

Wed, 14 Apr 2010 05:34:45 +0800
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I want to share something very interesting about the the tiger's eye that a few of you might know about. We all know that the tiger's eye stone is one of the handmade beaded jewelry's most popular stones to be used from bracelets to necklaces. It is a very very beautiful stone. It is unique among other stones in the beaded jewelry trade because of its unique property of chatoyancy - which gives it a cat's eye luminescent look hence the name tiger's eye. Like most stones used in the handmade beaded jewelry trade, the tiger's eye is also associated to supernatural and mystical properties. Many of you would know that the tiger's eye have the following spiritual qualities:

  • Helps in clearing the mind
  • Attracts wealth
  • Protection in travel
  • Boosts confidence
  • Harmonizes the soul
  • Attracts the opposite sex (maybe because it looks good?)
  • Aids in focus

tiger's eye Here is something most of you might not know - this stone is also actually a very important stone used in many rituals in a few (sub)cultures that practice spirituality a little bit different from the rest of the world. Some very few rural shamans and mystics in South East Asia use the tiger's eye as a main ingredient to making talismans that are used to enhance clairvoyance, and talismans that can "hide one from the enemy". The latter talisman is called "tagka-liliok" in the Philippines, and, although the actual ingredients are kept secret from the general public, tiger's eye is one of the ingredients used (some say it replaced obsidian-like stone quite recently), interestingly because they believe it has properties of owls' eyes rather than cats'. The tagka-lilok is only one of the many agimats (amulets) that originates in the country.

Typically, the ingredients are composed of different stones, herbs and organics. The ingredients are then combined in a small container that can be worn as a pendant. Traditionally, this container is made from two small pieces of coconut shells glued together where the ingredients are permanently sealed within. Old medicine bottles made of glass and bullet shells(made popular during world war 2) have also been popular container alternatives to coconut sells. Finally, the talisman undergoes a secret ritual that is usually passed down to family members and/or apprentices.?

Weather these things work or not, I have no clue but isn't it a fun fact to know about your tiger's eye jewelry!