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Funniest jewelry!

Mon, 12 Apr 2010 15:59:42 +0800
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Here are some stuff I found on the internet (very potent stuff as far as laughter being the best medicine is concerned). These are some of the most cleaver jewelries that made me laugh! They are definitely one of the funniest jewelry I have seen for a while and I'd like to share these photos with you.

This first image is from imageshack. It is a photo of USB turned into a bracelet. Very creative and funny stuff if you ask me!

usb bracelet


Next up is beaded jewelry! If you think your handmade beaded jewelry just can't put a smile on people's faces then why not put a smile of people on your beaded jewelry instead? The photo below is very funny although a little too bizarre for my taste.

happy smiling bead jewelry


If you are not a fan of heads, then how about a show of hands? The pair of earrings below seems to be made of Barbie doll hands.

barbie hands jewelry?

This final piece is my favorite. I think it speaks for its self. The next item is very creative (and not to mention funny). It might just be exactly what you need after a, well, you know. LOL!

toilet paper earrings