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tiger's eye jewelry at the boutique

Sun, 11 Apr 2010 17:52:12 +0800
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I went to one of my favorite stores that sells mostly fashion items such as bags, clothing and shoes. They also have a wide range of handmade beaded jewelry that the store owners themselves make as well. I noticed that this week a lot of new beaded jewelry designs are displayed. True enough, the owner said that the items displayed are new arrivals. The owner of the outlet is also a beaded jewelry affectionado like yours truly. Most of the new items displayed at the boutique where tiger's eye and jade jewelry.

tiger's eye jewelryTiger's eye jewelry is an old favorite among beaded jewelers. It has unique reflective properties that looks like a combination of glass and wood, yet this jewelry is entirely made of stone. Each tiger's eye jewelry changes how it looks a bit depending on how light strikes this beautiful gem. Pictures will never give justice to the beauty of this stone when handled in person, specially when you look at it in different angles. As a lover of the tiger's eye stone, I often use this material for many of my beaded jewelry projects. This stone is easy to maintain, very durable and quite resilient against the elements as well.

If you haven't had this stone, I highly recommend you get one and I am pretty certain you will love this as well.