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Sunpebbles moving towards something greater

Sat, 10 Apr 2010 20:24:09 +0800
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With some consulting from the web team, our beaded jewelry website is now moving to something greater. We want to use the sunpebbles.com domain but also want to have some parts that are not really under the subject of beaded jewelry, but something related, in teh future. Such as otehr crafts and hobbies. So starting today, the official url for this site will be beadedjewelry.sunpebbles.com. But do not worry, your bookmarks and links will be unaffected as we have implemented something cool called the 301 redirect (what the hell?) without getting too technical, our devs said it will make moving the site to a sub-domain and adding more sub-domains for related crafts stuff easier. Bookmarks should still work for the time being so the regular users will have sometime to adjust. I am really excited for the new future upgrades!