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I got my first fighting fish pair

Thu, 08 Apr 2010 02:56:36 +0800
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Moving away from handmade beaded jewelry topic for once, I would like to write about my new distraction from jewelry and beading. I wrote a while back of getting my niece a really nice fish - a siamese fighting fish. I even completed a jewelry design based on this fish as inspiration. But I won't talk about jewelry on this post, I will however talk more about this beautiful inspiring fish! As I studied my niece's fish (the exact one I got her at the pet store a while back), I fell more and more in-loved with this species. To cut the long story short, today, I decided to purchase my very own pair of fish. Actually, my mistake was that I got a pair.

The shop keeper was quite new and assured me that only males fight with each other and they are pretty harmless to all other fish. So taking her advice, I purchased a pair of these fish. The male was nicer with big finagle while the female, a smaller fish with just as striking coloration, has shorter fins. When I got home, I placed them in a 2.5 gallon tank that I also bought. The shop keeper was right on one thing, they did not fight, however the male chased the female all over the place and I had to go back to get another tank for my girl. I searched the internet for more information related to this fish and indeed males should not be kept with females as well. The two tanks now sit side by side so they can still see each other but not fight. That way, I figured they won't be too lonely. The male initially would flare up at the girl but he eventually got tired and goes by his own business. They seem happier now. From my internet research, apparently, some people call this fish by it's scientific name which is betta splendens (and rightfully so as it is as splendid as any handmade beaded jewelry out there).

One day, I would love to breed these lovely pair, hopefully.