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How To Choose A Jewelry Box

Tue, 06 Apr 2010 03:47:38 +0800
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Choosing a jewelry box is one of the things we take for granted. There are two sides in picking a jewelry box for your beaded jewelry - looks and function. When it comes to looks, it is pretty much up to you to decide what is suitable. Pick jewelry boxes that reflects your personal style, but choose designs that you wont get tired of because a jewelry box is one of those in-your-face items that is always in your face everyday just before you wear the beaded gems they hold. A good safe jewelry box design are finished with wood.

But choosing a jewelry box is not just about choosing the design. The more important side of purchasing a good jewelry box is all about the functions and features of the box itself.

Check the seams

An important feature of your new jewelry box is how well its is made. Your box should have a sturdy built with pretty good materials so it would last for quite some time. The seams should be well sealed to prevent air from coming in.

Check the lid

Another thing to be critical about is air-tightness of the actual jewelry box. The lid should close snugly with no visible gaps that may let air in as well. Remember, air can actually oxidize some of your jewelry items pretty quick and degrade their quality.

Say to to glass windows
Another thing your should take note of is that your jewelry box should have no display windows (such as a glass window) if you will be keeping mainly light-sensitive jewelry such as amethysts (some jewelry actually fades when exposed to sun light for a long time).

Look inside

Thirdly, choose jewelry boxes that have a good scratch-protecting lining. Usually a good jewelry box will be lined with soft velvet material that will keep your jewelry scratch free. If you are keeping jewelry that of softer composition, getting a jewelry box lined with good scratch-protecting materials is a must

The dividers
Many a jewelry box will have dividers inside. Check if the sizes of the dividers will fit your particular jewelry. It is such a pain to get a new jewelry box only to find out that the dividers are too small for your most prized possession.

Finally, remember that not only because it is expensive, it is better. There are a lot of boxes that can be had for less. As long as they fulfill your requirements, such as the criteria above, then you can't really go wrong.