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Beading with more than just beads

Fri, 26 Mar 2010 03:42:15 +0800
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paper mache beaded jewelryMost handmade beaded jewelry artists will get their bead supply at a shop that specializes in loose beads, on websites dedicated to supply bead artists, or from a supplier of beads. But we are not limited to creating our creations from pre-drilled glass and stones. There are other sources for the creative jewelry artist, and some of the raw materials we can use is limited only by our bountiful imagination. A bead artist that has other hobbies as well can integrate her other skills into beaded jewelry. For instance, if you are into paper mache making, you can create unique beaded jewelry from paper mache creations.The beauty of making paper mache jewelry is that you can actually make beautiful beads of your own design.


Some artists look into old mechanical devices for use in their jewelry. A popular material used in jewelry the use of broken (and sometimes working) watch movements. Watch movements used as a centerpiece of jewelry gives off a steampunk-ish look that will surely turn heads. Watch movements look good by themselves but you can add bling to these or a more impressive look (the sample below comes from steampunkjewelry.ffxoh.com). If you have lots of broken watches lying around the house, you could give the inside a look and you might be surprised that there is a jewel waiting to be discovered!

steampunk jewelry

Other materials that one can use is literally everywhere. Those bottle caps, nuts and bolts, and even coins can be perfect for a beaded jewelry project! You can really be creative not only with the design of your handmade beaded jewelry but also with the materials you can use!