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Blog: The Sunpebbles Insipred Handmade beaded jewelry

Sat, 26 Sep 2009 13:40:46 +0800
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Many of the beaded jewelry creations we produce are inspired beaded jewelry. Many of the handmade beaded jewelry have themes inspired by nature, cultures and ideas. Inspiration is what makes us a different kind of handmade beaded jewelry manufacturer. Nature, for instance, is the perfect inspiration for our very popular deadly creatures series of handmade beaded jewelry as many of the most beautiful creatures in nature are also the most dangerous. Man has always mimic animals when it comes to fashion, it is no surprise that animal-based themes work very well in beaded jewelry as well.

We first ventured into nature-inspired beaded jewelry when we discovered that the basics of many fashion and art trends are inspired by nature, historically. For instance, classical architecture and the  art neuvo movement  are nature inspired. More recent fashion trends in beaded jewelry are also inspired by nature directly(the artist herself is inspired by nature) or indirectly(the artists bases her jewelry designs at an established style that has its roots as  nature-inspired). We at sunpebbles strive to create our own style in handmade beaded jewelry designs. We go back to the roots and find inspiration in nature whenever  possible.

But nature is not our only source of inspiration when creating beautiful beaded jewelry. We also look to the distant past - the ancient civilizations of old. When in comes to beaded jewelry, we back to our roots and build upon these to make our own brand of beaded jewelry.We also find inspiration in our indigenous people; one of the world's great cultural treasures. Many of the beaded jewelry designs used by current ethnic tribes today are unsung masterpieces that we believe will suite the mainstream if given enough publicity.

We are surrounded with inspiration for our beaded jewelry everyday- from nature, to our people, to our culture. We are fortunate enough to be based in a country where inspiration is bountiful in everyday life. We hope to pass this tremendous blessings to you though our beaded jewelry designs.

When all is said and done, when it comes to beaded jewelry creations; the only thing greater than the wealth of beaded jewelry materials our country provides is the inspiration that it has blessed us with. To us at Sunpebbles Beaded Jewelry - inspiration is the country's our greatest asset.