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Siamese Fighting Fish Inspired Beaded Jewelry?

Mon, 22 Mar 2010 04:15:10 +0800
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a fighting fish for jewelry inspiration

I brought my niece to the pet shop this weekend to buy her a new pet. I Something small and easy to maintain. The shop keeper suggested a siamese fighting fish. The blue colored (actually ultramarine) fish was the choice of my niece. In the store these fish are treated poorly, confined in small individual containers with barely enough room to turn around. Little did I know that inspiration for jewelry design will come from something we had just purchased. When we got home, we placed the little fish in a bigger tank and it seemed happier there. Maybe because of the spacier environment, I noticed how beautiful this fish is. I wondered is there is a beaded jewelry design I can make which is inspired on this beautiful creature. The fish we got looked like something like this but with less reds on it.

The first stones that comes in mind to be used on my new jewelry design are reconstituted turquoise, maybe sodalite or lapis lazuli but most likely lazurite. Sodalite has too much calcite on them that would make the white streaks to obvious. Lapis lazuli would have too much pyrite and turquoise, well, the colors done match up to well. Lazurite seems to be the perfect stone to use. The first jewelry I would like to try is for a bracelet. (on a side note, the stones mentioned, with the exception of turquoise have similar maintenance instructions)

The concept for my beaded jewelry design based on this fish is still a work in progress but here is? - I would need to pick the perfect stones, perhaps elongated ones to resemble the fish's body somehow. Maybe one to three large stones. I could use aquamarine colored pieces of silk ribbon (or similar cloth) to string them together. Maybe let some of this cloth flow freely a bit to represent the fins. It is still all in my head. I get draw some sketches soon and when I get the materials, maybe I can make the first prototypes. I am actually excited about this project that my niece is with her fish. I do hope the resulting beaded jewelry design proves to hold water!