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Pearls in beaded jewelry

Mon, 08 Mar 2010 18:03:19 +0800
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Pearls are not only one of the most popular precious gems around but it is also a favorite in beaded jewelry designs. There are many types of pearls, from the expensive south sea pearls to the more affordable , but still beautiful, fresh water pearls cultivated in the pacific. All genuine pearls such as those used in our beaded jewelry are made by mollusks such as oysters and clams. Some pearls can be dyed to form different color variations that can be perfect in a particular jewelry design.

Many imitation pearls (Pearls not made by mollusks) are available in the market. These are made by humans and many are actually plastic with a special paint on the surface. The best way to determine a fake pearl from a real one is by bringing it to an expert. However, most imitation pearls in the market today are easy to spot. The luster and shine of these fake pearls are usually duller than the real thing. A very popular and quite effective method in spotting a fake pearl from the real one is by rubbing it between your two front teeth. The pearl should feel "gritty". Gritty is good. If it feels smooth between your teeth then it is probably a fake. 

Pearls to highlight beaded jewelryFor many beaded jewelry lovers, pearls are a favorite because of their unique qualities, their simplicity and their beauty. If you are seriously considering using pearls for your handmade beaded jewelry creations, it is better to use fresh water pearls specially if you will be using a lot of them for the design. Fresh water pearls are cheaper than saltwater pearls and can be as beautiful. When a lot of these are stringed together, the resulting beaded jewelry will look really great. Pearls can also highlight a specific design. You could use a lot of stones and some pearls sparingly in a design and it will highlight the beaded jewelry creation.

It is up to you to use your creativity in fashioning your own beaded jewelry creations. Remember that no matter how beautiful your stones may be, in beaded jewelry, the result will depend a lot on your patience, dedication, and creativity!